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Mr Nobody – *

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Belgium, Canada, Drama, France, Germany, Science Fiction, X

Seen at UGC Naamse Poort

Recommended by a movie buddy who normally shares my views on what cinema should be. This time however I didn’t share her enthusiasm. This movie left me totally cold and I don’t know why.

It’s three alternative lives of the same guy intertwined. Somewhere in the future. But then again, also set in the past. It’s visually entertaining. Hence the one star. And the acting is okay. There’s Sarah Polley. And Diane Kruger. But there’s also Jared Leto. Not a bad actor, but since he’s the singer of a teeny rock band (30 seconds to Mars) his movies attract fourteen year old girls who pay no attention at all in the theatre and constantly scream when he comes on-screen. Very annoying. Without that audience I might have given it an extra star. Because as I mentioned already, the visual direction is great. The story however didn’t appeal to me at all. Regardless of all the screaming girls in the audience. So yes, you have to make decision in life and some decisions lead to different lives. I got that. I’m a dreamy person, but my dreams are solid and real compared to this pointless fairytale.