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I Love You Phillip Morris – 0

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Comedy, LGBT themed, USA

Seen at UGC Halles (Paris)

This is probably the worst movie of 2010. Saw this in Paris. Because, I guess, it was partly produced in France. Wasn’t scheduled to be released in the US and with reason. This is really crap. There’s one funny scene. When Jim Carrey ‘s character thinks of his childhood and how he ‘should have known then that he was gay’. ¬†You see a young kid look at the clouds and they all have the shapes of penises. Honestly that is the only time I had to smile. That was still in the beginning of the movie and I really wanted to laugh. The rest of the movie is just a waste of money. Apparently based on true events. Jim Carrey is Jim Carrey. He isn’t all that bad. But Ewan McGregor has never ever played bad before and this is it. And this movie even got some good reviews. There’s actually gay people who liked this movie.