Dexter Season 3 – **1/2

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Crime/Detective, TV series, USA, XX1/2

I’ll be short. Being a huge fan of the first seasons of Dexter, I’m really disappointed by this third chapter. And the reason is simple: Miquel Prado. What a ridiculous character. The story line just didn’t work for me. I didn’t buy it at all. Dexter finding a ‘friend’. Yeah right. Things just didn’t add up. Out of nothing comes this man and this woman who suddenly become the best man and woman on the wedding of Dexter and Rita. Hello! I wanted to know more about the Skinner. Why didn’t they develop that story line? I wanted to know more about Joey Quinn’s past. But maybe they will develop that in season 4. No. Season 3 didn’t do it for me.

Why still two and a half stars then? Because the other characters are awesome and the actors are amazing. Dexter is my man. There’s a Dexter in all of us (and I’m not talking about serial killer instincts here). Michael C Hall is able to make you totally forget that you basically know him as a whining gay guy in Six Feet Under. He’s Dexter now. And I’m sure in future shows and movies, he’ll be that character too.  And Jennifer Carter grows as an actress in her fascinating role of Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan. The acting saved the season. Curious about season 4 though.

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