Mauvaise Foi – **

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Drama, France, XX
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Seen at home / Sunday, June 20.

Finally, after a few years of browsing through the always rewarding second hand dvd stores on the Zuidstraat and around the Anneesensplein in Brussels, I found Mauvaise Foi. It’s one of those rare movies that you never find a copy of in the racks, which made me conclude that everyone who bought the movie loved it so much that they don’t bother selling it again. Only 6 euro’s. With Dutch subtitles. How lucky did I feel! I would have paid 10 or even 12, but I didn’t and I’m happy. Cos after all that wait, the movie wasn’t all that impressive.

The promise is nice though. It’s a movie directed by Roschdy Zem, which is apart from Said Taghamoui and Sami Bouajila, my favorite French-Magreb actor. He also stars in it and this time in a more charming role. His co-actress is Cecile de France, which is by far the best Belgian actress of the last decade (and totally ignored by the Flemish media). And the story line read like it could be interesting: Jewish girl loves arab guy, arab guy loves jewish girl, she gets pregant, they have to tell their parents, there’s a clash between religions, but they live happily ever after. Hm. Actually, the story line isn’t that interesting. I just wanted to see the movie because Roschdy Zem and Cecile de France were in it and they look hot together. Sorry sometimes that’s a reason to see a movie.

Well they do look hot together, but their together scenes aren’t always that hot. I did miss some chemistry. Cecile de France was also way more expressive than Roschdy Zem, who probably didn’t intend to come across as lame and unemotional. It really isn’t a romantic comedy which the trailer kind of promises. There’s not that much humor in the movie and you never really believe that his couple could ever be succesful. Too bad really.

You can’t have a relationship for 4 years and then suddenly start thinking about the fact that your religions aren’t compatible. That just didn’t make sense. That you hide your partner for four years, okay. That you finally realize you have to introduce them to your parents after it turns out they will be grand parents, okay. But that you start hanging jewish good luck charms and start doing the ramadan upon the news that you’ll get a baby, hm.

A good try and not a complete waste of time, but not that special. Just that end left a bitter taste. There’s actually two ends. One that kind of makes you like French movies. And then an extra minute that really did NOT need to be there at all. Actually, do watch the movie (I have it on dvd remember) and tell me what you think of the end.

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