Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead – **1/2

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Crime/Detective, Drama, USA, XX1/2

Seen at home. On dvd.

While cleaning up my living room, I noticed several dvd’s in my collection that I haven’t seen yet. They are part of the Quality Film Collection, which is an awesome series where you get one for free if you buy two movies at really moderate prices. One of them is this Sydney Lumet movie that flopped at the box office and only played like 2 weeks in the art house theatres (over here).

It’s good though. Not great, just good. The story is pulp. Two brothers decide to rob their parents’ jewelry store but that goes wrong. They also share the same woman, which they only find out later of course. Yeah that’s about it. Some people die. There’s sex. But that’s about it. Pulp.

But what makes it better than average though, is the acting. If I’d had the talent of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I would want his career. He just seems to get plenty of parts and always delivers. Ethan Hawke is Ethan Hawke. He can’t act, but he just plays the parts very well. It just always seems to be the same part. 😉 He has a scene with Brian F. O’Byrne in the beginning of the movie, the same actor he has a scene with in the second half of Brooklyn’s Finest. Well, Ethan is Ethan. Twice. The other guy is an other guy in each movie. And then there’s Marisa Tomei. I like Marisa, but it seems like she can only get parts where she has to undress. Nothing against seeing her nude, but it’s a shame she doesn’t get any other parts. Albert Finney is also good. A bit weird, but good. So all in all, the actors save this movie.

Don’t watch the trailer. It’s basically the summary of the movie. You’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie.

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