Hotel Babylon – Season One – **

Posted: July 8, 2010 in TV series, UK, XX

Seen at home. On dvd.

The set up for this series is great. I’m sure there are millions of stories to tell about life in a five-star hotel. I’m sure there’s even more stories to tell in a three star hotel, but the series had to look fancy I guess.

The storylines are okay actually. They are not far-fetched at all, apart from the ‘horror’ episode where they think there’s a serial killer in the hotel and the episode with the top criminal. Ok, two far-fetched episodes out of eight is not SO good. But, it’s the first season of course and the show needs to be introduced and so need the characters, who are all incredibly stereotypical though. You’ve seen them before: the (female) manager who has cheated on her husband, the newly appointed assistant manager who seems to have a fraudulent past, the bitchy head receptionist and her camp gay colleague, the conscious concierge, the italian bar tender, the multi-ethnic illegal staff…

I actually don’t know why I wasn’t more charmed by this series. It has actually a lot of things to go for. Plus it’s from the UK, which makes it more interesting than a similar show from the US. I guess there just wasn’t any character I sympathised with. Maybe that’s the writers fault. Or the actors. Who knows. None of them were acting that bad really. I’m sure they did the best they could. But it was kind of obvious that this is a tv production where they don’t make several takes and then choose the best one.

Not sure if I want to see the second season, but I’ll give it a try. There’s definitely potential.

no trailer of the show on youtube, but a clip of my favorite characters: the bitchy head receptionist and her gay colleague. she spent the night with a guest and then finds money on the night table, which of course makes her assume that he thought she was a prostitute…

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