Religulous – 1/2

Posted: July 29, 2010 in 1/2, Documentary, USA

Seen at home on dvd

Bill Maher is sometimes funny. He is also an atheist. The idea of him making fun of religion kind of appealed to me. I’m in between an agnostic and an atheist. And I like to laugh. I hoped to hear jokes like ‘free ham: a jewish dilemma’. However, there’s nothing funny about this documentary at all. If you put a pun in the movie title, you should deliver. I did not laugh once. In 90 minutes.

Instead, it made me incredible annoyed by Maher’s inability to tell a good story. The documentary has NO script at all. It’s a collection of single elements that are sometimes nicely edited by old footage from tv shows or movies. But even that isn’t creative. It’s totally unclear what Bill Maher wanted to achieve with this movie. Again, the title assumes he wants to make fun of religion. That fails. In the beginning it kind of seems he wants to find out why he does not believe and why others do. But he never is interested in any of the interviewees’ explanations. He asks them questions in the hope they will make a mistake, but never lets them finish talking. He acts like an arrogant asshole. He definitely does not want to teach the viewers anything, because he’s right and the others are wrong. Well, Bill, sorry but you are not right either. You haven’t done your research and you are incredibly narrow-minded. What a waste of time and money. Maher, you kind of made me have sympathy for the believers!

1/2 stars because I did finish the movie

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