Gomorra – **

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Crime/Detective, Documentary, Drama, Italy, XX

Seen at home on dvd

If everyone writes how great a movie is, I should see it right? Do I have to think it’s great too? No.

Gomorra really isn’t the master piece I thought it would be. It actually bored me. Not to death, but to almost falling asleep. NOT a good sign. I do like crime movies. And I do like reality pictures. But the combination didn’t work for me.

Why? Not sure. It’s a very depressing movie. There’s absolutely no hope in the story. There are no heroes. There aren’t even anti-heroes. There’s really no-one you feel sympathy for, apart from the fashion designer maybe. It is shocking to know this is the reality in the region around Naples, but I didn’t care about it at all. The main reason why I wasn’t that impressed by the movie is simply the lack of emotion. It has its merits to just show plain facts and to de-glamorize the mafia lifestyle. But I want to care for characters. I want to be moved when a character dies.  There’s nothing wrong with showing the lesser parts of our society, but try to involve the audience.

The movie follows five stories and jumps from one to the other and back. It’s not confusing, but it does slow down the entire experience. The actors are non-actors. That can work great (Entre Les Murs), but it can also become annoying, which was the case here. The two punks who think they can take over the local mafia on their own are overacting. The scene where they go to a strip club is one of the best scenes of the movie though. And there are several scenes that are noteworthy.

A winner of several awards and critically acclaimed it only drew audiences in some European countries. People want to see The Godfather. I want to see The Godfather again. It’s interesting to see how the local mafia kids prefer to watch Scarface. It really is the anti-Godfather movie as the dvd inlay explains. Judge for yourself.

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