Les Choristes – ***

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Children/Family, Drama, France, XXX

I recently bought Les Choristes for my parents, a French movie about a music teacher who takes a job in a school for socially abandoned children anno 1949. It got nominated for an Oscar in 2005 and I believe it ran for quite some weeks in the cinema’s of Brussels. My parents absolutely loved the movie, so I gave it a shot too. Guess what. I loved it as well.

The story isn’t all that original of course. There are several movies about teachers trying to find an alternative way to get close to troubled children. What makes this movie better is the setting of course (remote school in the area of Lyon, just after the war) and the acting (the main actor is brilliant and the kids act very natural). The movie never bores, even though it’s a tough cookie to listen through the choral songs, which I personally couldn’t stand. But they were part of the story, so I wasn’t annoyed (that much). It’s well-directed and the cinematography is top-notch. Pretty flawless movie with some memorable scenes, which I can recommend to everyone.

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