Inception – ***1/2

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Action, Science Fiction, XXX1/2

Seen at Kinepolis Kortrijk

It’s been a while since I anticipated seeing one particular movie at the theatres. Inception, however, got my attention from the first time I saw the trailer several months ago. The trailer promises you a movie unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. And that’s exactly what you get. A highly unique and continuously entertaining semi master piece.

I didn’t want to read any review before seeing the movie. Nor did I want anyone (who had seen it already) talk to me about it. However, I knew not everybody is a fan of the movie and I did know that the movie’s end leads to a lot of discussion amongst movie goers . After having seen the movie, I really don’t understand why. There’s really nothing to discuss about. You believe what you want to believe. There’s no right or wrong explanation. It shouldn’t be about ‘getting’ the movie at all. It should be about having seen a visually and intellectually thrilling movie. That’s what it is.

The end is a good marketing trick to create a hype and make people want to go back to see if they might have missed something the first time around. Personally, I don’t need to see the movie again. It won’t make me ‘understand’ it any better. I actually thought the movie was pretty clear. I thought it was incredibly original to make you watch a movie where the storylines are situated on different levels. There are movies with flashbacks, there are movies with flashforwards, there are movies with stories that come together at the end, there are movies who have it all, yet there’s never been a movie where the stories take place in multiple mindset of others.

The storyline is actually very simple. A multi millionaire (a great Ken Watanabe) is looking for a way to sabotage the growth of his closest competitor. As the founder of the competing company is about to die, the sabotage should be done through his son and heir (Cillian Murphy). The millionaire recruits a team who is known for ‘stealing’ thoughts from other people’s minds and who was recently trying to steal a thought from his mind. He offers the leader of the team (Leonardo DiCaprio) a way out from his legal problems at home and that leader accepts the job. However, this time they don’t need to ‘steal’ a thought, they have to ‘implant’ a thought in the competitor’s mind (Cillian Murphy). It’s only been done once before with bad results, but the team takes the risk. They can only do that by implanting it in a dream within a dream within a dream. And that explains the different levels. Oh yes, it’s also the search of a man (DiCaprio) who needs to come to terms with things happened in his past. Really depends on how you want to ‘interpret’ the movie.

That’s basically all you need to know. Once the movies starts you’re in for an incredibly trip with great acting, cool action and awesome set designs.


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