Kick Ass – **1/2

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Action, Children/Family, USA, XX1/2

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If a Hollywood movie gets rave reviews in Europe and flops at the American box office, there must be something interesting about it. That’s why I couldn’t wait to see Kick Ass, which European critics describe as the Pulp Ficion of the comic inspired action movies and which American audiences turned their back as it was portrayed as an ‘immoral’ movie.

I understand both points of view.

The story is quite original. A normal dude feels the need to become the first real life super hero, buys himself a suit, sets up a MySpace page, names himself Kick Ass and goes out to fight crime. Of course, he does not succeed. He gets beaten up, run over, laughed at, etc.. One of his interventions becomes a youtube hype though and he gets fans and enemies. Two of his sceptical fans are a father and a daughter who are out to vengeance the death of their wife/mother and who save Kick Ass’ ass halfway in the movie. There’s really nothing more you need know to ‘enjoy’ this entertaining piece of pulp. And that’s the only comparison I saw with Quentin Tarantino’s master piece. The pulpness of the story.

Apart from the originality of the script there are other reasons why this is a must see. It’s one of those movies unlike anything you’ve seen before. It won’t leave you indifferent. It will even make you feel uncomfortable as you are going to laugh with cruel horror scenes. It has all the looks of a children’s movie, yet it’s ultraviolent and extremely nihilistic. There’s a scene where you see someone successfully commit suicide. And it’s funny. There’s a scene where they put a guy in a human size microwave. He explodes and that’s intended as a joke. The slashing is pretty graphic and the beating incredibly hard. It’s so over the top that it gives the movie that extra thing that other action movies seem to miss lately.

The flaws however are legio. There are inconsistencies in the script. Some scenes are just plain ridiculous. The acting is mediocre.  And the movie falls into the same trap like so many other movies made nowadays: it’s filled with references to current events and hypes like MySpace, Youtube, Idols, girls needing a gay best friend, etc… Not good for the future career of the movie. But probably the biggest problem of the movie is also one of its greatest characteristics: the extreme nihilistic violence performed by a foul-mouthed 11y old girl. If you see the humor in it, you’re in for a nice treat. If you have issues with that, you better skip this one.

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