Invictus – **

Posted: September 29, 2010 in biopic, Drama, South Africa, Sportsdrama, USA, XX

Seen at home on dvd

I bought Gran Torino for my parents and got another Clint Eastwood movie for free: Invictus, the story of Nelson Mandela’s attempt to make the black population like the white rugby team and lead them to victory in the world championship.

It’s okay. It’s a big budget television movie really, released in the theatres. There’s really nothing special about it. The actors are just doing their job. I never saw Nelson Mandela, but Morgan Freeman speaking in a peculiar English. I never saw a great rugby team captain, but Matt Damon with blond hair speaking in an even more peculiar English.

There’s nothing really wrong with the script, but it just follows the events as they have occurred. Very linear. No twists. No amazing dialogues. And to be honest, no humor. Even though there are a few attempts. The story is based on true facts and there are attempts to show the racism between the blacks and the whites, but in the end it looks like winning the world cup made South Africa the most harmonious country in the world. But it’s Hollywood and this movie needs a happy end.

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