Mad Men – Season 2 – ****

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Drama, TV series, USA, XXXX

Just as expected, season 1 of Mad Men was just an introduction to the amazing Season 2 which is almost entirely flawless. It’s bascially more of the same, but just better. The details about the period in which the story take place are beyond perfection. It’s not only a historical account, it also reflects on its difference to and its similarities of today’s society. The art direction is better detailed than any of the recent Oscar-winning motion pictures and is incorporated in the story. Even becomes a non talking character, like the first big copy machine that gets introduced in the Office. And then there’s the character development, which is outstanding. Characters you remotely cared for in the first season continuously grow to be fascinating. Few new people get introduced, so the focus is on the known ones whose development is always logical (apart from Mr Sterlinger maybe).

Probably the most intriguing person in the show is Mrs Draper who not only visually steals every single scene she’s in, but who also captivates by her confusing, yet very understandable behaviour.  The way she deals with the cheating of her husband is powerful. Mr Draper himself loses his main character status and gets pushed in the background a little, which is compensated by necessary flashbacks to his past. Peggy Olson and Mr Campbell on the other hand get a lot more attention. And to their benefit. They are not particularly likeable at all, but they manage to keep you thinking about them. Even hours after watching an episode.

Mad Men is the kind of show that appears in your dreams. The kind of fiction that sneaks into your own imagination. And that is perfect television.

There wasn’t really a trailer for season 2, but here’s a recap of the two first seasons. It’s better if you don’t watch it. The best is just to be surprised by the story.

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