Mad Men – Season 3 – **1/2

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Drama, TV series, USA, XX1/2

Watched Season 3 and wasn’t all that amazed. Season 2 got me glued to the screen. Season 3 just paddled along. I even did the dishes during an episode. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched the season so soon. Maybe I should have waited a few months. But the anticipation was too huge.

What made Season 2 so great was the story and character development. There is nothing of that here. There is no growth. It’s a stand still. Moreover, it becomes soap-like. You don’t really get to know the characters better. So you lose interest. Their lines even become predictable. They aren’t in any interesting situations and if they are, they are written out of the show. I’m thinking of the gay art director Salvator. I would have loved to see more of how he deals with that struggle. But he leaves the show halfway through the season and that’s it. There’s no tension between the characters either. No chemistry at all. Don Draper has a new girl toy, but gone is the passion on the screen. Betty Draper also has her eyes on another man. But the sparks are missing as well. Still, she’s thé star of the show. January Jones is excellent. An Emmy. Fast!

And when it comes to talking about society. There’s the death of Kennedy of course. Interesting to see the reactions. But there’s also the speech of Martin Luther King and that gets little attention. I kind of hoped the creators would tackle the segregation issues a bit more. They try to incorporate it, but it could have been done better. That said, the setting in an advertising company may still sound very boring, but it’s actually incredibly clever. The advertising world does tell you a bit about how people see society. And for that, this show is a must.

Reads like a bad review, but the final episode is as good as any episode of season 2. Top notch. So I will watch season 4. But maybe in a few months or so. Or maybe tonight.

Here’s a clip that is so unlike anything else in the show. Horror slapstick. It’s funny. But it’s so not like the rest of the show. It doesn’t make any sense. Lois doesn’t even get fired after this.

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