Eat, Pray, Love – *

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Drama, USA, X

After having seen The Social Network, which my company hated, we decided to see another movie on the same evening. We wanted to see The American, but somehow realised as the movie started that we were in the wrong theatre. No George Clooney on the screen, but Julia Roberts. Fuck. However, we decided to give it a try.

Well, can’t say I’m happy to have seen this movie. But I can say that I’m happy to have finished it, because the best part is definitely at the end. The movie is based on a travel novel from a writer who decides to leave everything behind and go to eat in Italy for several months, pray in India for several months and live in Bali for a year, where of course she falls in love. With a Brazilian. Played by a Spaniard. In the meantime she’s searching for balance in her life. Empty her head. And just search. A noble thing, but also pretty boring to look at.

I was just annoyed about several things in the movie. First the photography. There’s just too much light. There are NO blue skies. Everything is just like one big flash. Horrible. The camerawork is amateur. The dialogue is silly. Especially compared to The Social Network. Julia Roberts does her annoying cry/loud laugh thing all the time. etc. Too tired to write a real review for this movie. It just wasn’t all that good. But Javier Bardem and Bali saved it. 😉

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