The Social Network – ***

Posted: October 30, 2010 in biopic, Drama, USA, XXX

Seen at Kinepolis Kortrijk

This movie ends with the main character waiting for someone else to accept his friendship request on Facebook. It’s a great end scene, especially since the main character is the founder of Facebook. Or better, the creator of it. And there are plenty more great scenes in this biopic of someone who nobody had heard of seven years ago, but is already immortalised by this flic. WOW.

The trailer tagline ‘you can’t have 500 million friends without making some enemies’ fits the bill perfectly. You have this smart guy who doesn’t really have a lot of friends, which I’m sure he thinks is frustrating, and he creates thé most powerful friendship tool online. He does it after having been inspired by an idea of three guys who later claim he ‘stole’ the idea and start sueing him. He also does it after having been given start-up money by his best friend who later gets financially dumped and also sues him. The story of this movie is the version of the latter kid. And even though it’s a biased and even revengeful, I do believe it might just be the correct account of how things happened. Contrary to a lot of reviewers of this movie, I do not think the image of the facebook founder is that much damaged. I still have respect for him. Just like I have respect for the co-founder who came out with his book.

You’ll either like this movie or you won’t. I just happened to have watched it with someone who didn’t. When the end credits started to roll and before I even could express the ‘wow’, my company made very clear what she thought of the movie. She pressed an imaginary button on her seat and said ‘delete’. All within the atmosphere of the movie. She’s not on facebook. She hates computers. And she doesn’t want to see young people make money. She wanted to see the movie (because of all the buzz), but already lost interest after ten minutes. I on the other hand loved it, wasn’t bored at all and also saw beyond the story line.

First, the soundtrack is excellent. Composed by Trent Reznor of NIN it really captivates you and drags you into the scenes. Second, the build up and the dialogues of the story. I hope the screenplay gets an Oscar nomination. It could have been such a dull movie, but the writers added humor and great dialogue in it to keep it all a bit more alive. And third, some scenes are really good. There’s this scene during a rowing competition which I totally loved. No dialogue. Just close-ups, great editing and a brilliant version of Grieg’s ‘In The Hall Of The Mountain King’. The acting is okay. The main character is really good. Justin Timberlake however is Justin Timberlake. The others are just okay.

but in the end: really good movie!

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