The Sound Of Music – **1/2

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Children/Family, Musical, USA, XX1/2

seen on television

Totally forgot that I watched The Sound Of Music on Xmas day. There’s nothing really xmasy about the movie, but they always show it around xmas time. My mom hadn’t seen the movie in ages and wanted to watch it. My dad and my sister gave up after 15 minutes. You can’t blame them. We’ve seen this movie 10 times already. I was busy on the computer and ended up ‘watching’ the movie again, even though I was busy doing something else.

It’s amazing how popular the songs from the movie still are. If we do karaoke on the ship, there’s at least two songs from the movie that are sung (‘Edelweiss’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi’). Also amazing that nobody in Austria knows about this musical. Nor Germany. Amazing as well that we, in Flanders, do know this musical so well. We are really very Anglo-Saxon.

There’s nothing really wrong about the movie. It’s a good family musical. But it’s losing its appeal every time I ‘see’ it.


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