Californication Season 3 – ***1/2

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Comedy, Drama, TV series, USA, XXX1/2

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Finally, Season 3! Not sure why I waited so long to watch it. Maybe, because Season 2 was a disappointment. However, a cheap deal on iTunes was all I needed to buy the third chapter of this great, funny, over sexed comedy drama.

You just got to love Hank Moody. An award for the creator of that character! And an award for David Duchovny, who is just the perfect actor to portray the most sympathetic man-child in tv history.

I love the way he jumps in his car in the beginning credits. It’s a scene that just defines him the best. He tries to jump in his fancy car, but misses the jump and lands in it in a very clumsy way. Followed by a smile and this shoulder shrug that clearly says ‘whatever’. I love the way he goes jogging and then stops to smoke a cigarette to just continue jogging afterwards. I love the way he doesn’t flirt at all during this season, but just takes the women as they come. As if he’s the victim and can’t resist the female aggression. I love the fact he doesn’t seem to get annoyed by anything, apart from pricks who kind of stand in the way of him being a man-child and competitors in his love quest. I love the fact he picks flowers out of the front garden of the house he’s about to visit. I love the fact he reprimands his daughter for having smoked marihuana only to learn she stole it out of his old type writer. Oops. And then of course he smokes the rest he claimed back. I love the fact he loves his wifes, despite of his many sex encounters. I love the fact he loves his daughter. I love his quotes and his relaxed attitude in awkward situations. He is the personification of cool. He’s awesome.

One episode is a real bore, when Hank’s old pal comes to visit LA. But the other episodes are hilarious. New to the cast is Katleen Turner, who excels as an incredibly cool nymphomaniac agent who’s the new boss of Charlie Runkle. She wants him. Badly. preferably in a vertical 69. The idea of that is just hilarious as she has turned into a very heavyset woman. One of her lines is: “You say harassment, I say a couple of juicy orgasm between friends”. Great. Other new characters are just soso. But there’s only 3 women this time that charm their way into Hank’s heart. Well, into his pants. Just to warn them for not falling in love with him he says: “I’d work my way under your skin as the slow moving fungus that I am”

And a fungus he is. However likeable he is, you would not want him to be your partner. Nor your dad. Poor Becca, Hank’s daughter. She seems like the only adult in the series. “One of these days I’m going to start talking about sex so openly and you won’t like it.” Makes you think of Saffron from Absolutely Fabulous. Maybe it’s the director’s decision to make Madeleine Martin play the part of Becca in such an annoying way, because it works. However, you wonder if there’s much ‘acting’ to it. A great actress on the other hand is Natascha McElhone who just steals every scene she’s in as Hank’s love of his life.

The series ends with a cliff hanger. And Season 4 is not available yet. Aaarghh…

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