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Goya’s Ghost – *

Posted: January 24, 2011 in biopic, Drama, Spain, USA, X

The Kids Are All Right – **1/2

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Comedy, Drama, USA, XX1/2

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The children of two lesbians want to find out who their biological father is. They find the donor, he seems okay, but then he shags one of the mothers… How could that possibly be a good movie? Simple: the acting! I understand better now why Mark Ruffalo, Annette Bening and Juliane Moore are getting so many acting nominations. This is really good acting. I mean, both actresses are always good. But Mark Ruffalo is also really good. This is an actor’s movie. The story is way too emotional and if the married couple wouldn’t be lesbians it would just be another movie about someone married cheating. But it’s well written and I believed every bit of it. The movie isn’t going to make homophobes accept these ‘new’ families, but the makers of this movie made a very accessible movie about a ‘normal’ lesbian relationship with kids. Sure it’s political and it should make Americans more open to the idea of gay marriage and so on, but the nice thing is that the actors make it more than just another liberal movie kicking the butt of conservative moviegoers.

Hung – *1/2

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Comedy, TV series

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Watched it. Five episodes. Then fast forwarded the other 5 of this first season. I don’t think I missed much, fast forwarding that is. The premise is cool. A guy loses his house and his wife and needs a new challenge in his life. The only ‘tool’ he has is his big dick. So he tries to prostitute himself. A nerdy poet wants to be his pimp. She’ll get the clients, he just has to perform.

Problem is, the nerdy poet is a very annoying character. The ex-wife (Anne Heche) is a very annoying character. His daughter is a boring character. And there’s nothing really happening. There’s no tension. There’s not much humor. There’s no real sexual arousal either. Hey, you don’t even ever get to see his penis. Hello!

Saw it to know I shouldn’t be watching the second season. Luckily, the episodes were short.

New Kids Turbo – **

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Comedy, Netherlands, XX

Seen at the UGC Antwerp

Breaking records in the Netherlands and succesful in Flanders, New Kids Turbo is an over the top foul-mouthed ultra cruel and gross comedy about 5 low lives who create some kind of anti establishment movement in the South of the Netherlands after they all lose their jobs and work benefits. But the story doesn’t matter really. The movie is not even 90 min long. It’s over before you know it and it’s just a collection of silly – VERY SILLY – scenes. However, they work. I laughed. A lot. And that doesn’t happen that often at the cinema’s anymore. (I think the only good comedy of recent years is The Hangover.)

The New Kids first got known over here because of their collaboration with The Opposites for their song ‘Broodje Bakpao”. The funny video clip introduced Gerry, Rikkert, Barry, Richard and Robbie to the mainstream.  Their sketch show became even more popular and now they have a movie out. It’s really no use reviewing this movie as you’ll either like it or not. There is no in between. I’m sure a lot of people will be offended by this movie. And I’m also sure not everyone will get the absurdity and sarcasm of the movie. Complaints in some reviews are that the movie targets the exact same audience that it’s making fun of. And there’s some truth in there. There’s a thin line between vulgarity and geniality. This movie is vulgar. Period. But it’s well done vulgar. The over use of the words ‘homo’ and ‘cu(n)t’ didn’t bother me. It was actually funny. But young kids will very likely start using those words again more and more without realising that they offend people with them.

This is really Dutch, but I hear it’s working in Germany and Scandinavia as well. Think of Little Britain meets South Park meets Mr Bean. A great combination of very good and very bad humor.

Somewhere *

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Drama, USA, X

Watch the trailer and you’ve seen the movie. Don’t bother going to see it in the cinema, unless you want to fall asleep fast in not that comfortable chairs. Not sure why I even give it a star. Maybe because I finished it. And because Stephen Dorff wasn’t all that bad as the loser actor character. Maybe he just played himself. And why did I finish it? Because I liked the other movies of Sophia Coppola and I kind of hoped there would actually be happening something. It could have been Entourage meets Californication, but it’s not. It’s like watching one of those aquarium or fireplace dvd’s. This movie deals about nothing and that’s also what you’ll get. Nothing. 90 minutes long. As the end credits were rolling I was encouraged again to really go and start a career in the movie business. I could have made this movie! I could have won a Lion in Venice. I can also rent a hotel room, pay a b-actor, pay pole dancing twins, and get the license to use two known pop/rock songs. That way I’d have 8 minutes filled as well. I like ‘Heroes’ by the Foo Fighters and the twins were doing a great job. But honestly, Sofia, do we have to hear the ENTIRE song and watch the ENTIRE pole dancing? And even more: do we have to watch them dance again on an ENTIRE other song?


Das Weisse Band – ***

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Austria, Drama, Germany, XXX

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Dexter Season 4 – ***1/2

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Thriller, TV series, USA, XXX1/2

Dammit. TV series can be so addictive. Take Dexter Season 4 for instance. Started watching it yesterday and couldn’t stop watching it until I fell asleep at around 4 am. Then dreamt all night about it; got up at noon and finished the season four hours later. Sometimes I wonder why I watch these marathons. It’s not healthy. But on the other hand, why not? It makes it more intense.

And intense it was! Not as exceptional as Season 1 and 2, but definitely better than the previous season where I was constantly annoyed by small little errors and bad acting. None of that here. The acting was superb. By the usual main actors, but especially by newcomer John Lithgow, who is incredibly scary as the new enemy serial killer. And the story tellers kept you interested until the last scene.

I saw the last scene coming, only because I had read a spoiler in an article a few months ago. Fortunately, knowing the outcome didn’t really ruin the pleasure of watching this show. Dexter is more human than ever, making mistakes and having feelings of regret, guilt, happiness and even jealousy. He’s still a bit of strange character though, but after four seasons you kind of get to know him and you care for him when he’s making a mistake by not living according to the rules his father tought him. There’s a Dexter in all of us. We may not be serial killers, but we all have our secrets. And this season learns the secrets aren’t save for anyone.

Not really sure if I want to see Season 5. I’ve seen bits of the first episode and it doesn’t look all that appealing. But I can wait.