New Kids Turbo – **

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Comedy, Netherlands, XX

Seen at the UGC Antwerp

Breaking records in the Netherlands and succesful in Flanders, New Kids Turbo is an over the top foul-mouthed ultra cruel and gross comedy about 5 low lives who create some kind of anti establishment movement in the South of the Netherlands after they all lose their jobs and work benefits. But the story doesn’t matter really. The movie is not even 90 min long. It’s over before you know it and it’s just a collection of silly – VERY SILLY – scenes. However, they work. I laughed. A lot. And that doesn’t happen that often at the cinema’s anymore. (I think the only good comedy of recent years is The Hangover.)

The New Kids first got known over here because of their collaboration with The Opposites for their song ‘Broodje Bakpao”. The funny video clip introduced Gerry, Rikkert, Barry, Richard and Robbie to the mainstream.  Their sketch show became even more popular and now they have a movie out. It’s really no use reviewing this movie as you’ll either like it or not. There is no in between. I’m sure a lot of people will be offended by this movie. And I’m also sure not everyone will get the absurdity and sarcasm of the movie. Complaints in some reviews are that the movie targets the exact same audience that it’s making fun of. And there’s some truth in there. There’s a thin line between vulgarity and geniality. This movie is vulgar. Period. But it’s well done vulgar. The over use of the words ‘homo’ and ‘cu(n)t’ didn’t bother me. It was actually funny. But young kids will very likely start using those words again more and more without realising that they offend people with them.

This is really Dutch, but I hear it’s working in Germany and Scandinavia as well. Think of Little Britain meets South Park meets Mr Bean. A great combination of very good and very bad humor.

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