Somewhere *

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Drama, USA, X

Watch the trailer and you’ve seen the movie. Don’t bother going to see it in the cinema, unless you want to fall asleep fast in not that comfortable chairs. Not sure why I even give it a star. Maybe because I finished it. And because Stephen Dorff wasn’t all that bad as the loser actor character. Maybe he just played himself. And why did I finish it? Because I liked the other movies of Sophia Coppola and I kind of hoped there would actually be happening something. It could have been Entourage meets Californication, but it’s not. It’s like watching one of those aquarium or fireplace dvd’s. This movie deals about nothing and that’s also what you’ll get. Nothing. 90 minutes long. As the end credits were rolling I was encouraged again to really go and start a career in the movie business. I could have made this movie! I could have won a Lion in Venice. I can also rent a hotel room, pay a b-actor, pay pole dancing twins, and get the license to use two known pop/rock songs. That way I’d have 8 minutes filled as well. I like ‘Heroes’ by the Foo Fighters and the twins were doing a great job. But honestly, Sofia, do we have to hear the ENTIRE song and watch the ENTIRE pole dancing? And even more: do we have to watch them dance again on an ENTIRE other song?


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