127 Hours – ***

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Drama, UK, USA, XXX

First of all. This is a good trailer! A really good one.

Second of all. This is a good movie. A really good one.

The script is not really that great. It’s based on a true story of an adventurous guy who goes hiking in the canyons without letting anyone know where he is. He falls into one of the canyons and his hand gets crushed between a canyon and a rock. He’s stuck there for 127 hours and since the movie is based on a book by the main character you know he’s going to get out eventually. So, well, there’s not really a story development or so.

But the editing, the cinematography and especially the acting is excellent.

I didn’t quite get all the images I saw. Like in the opening scene where they split the screen in three and you see a lot of mass events taking place. Just to point out the difference to the loneliness of the main character in the rest of the movie? That didn’t impress me. And some scenes were just added to make the movie longer than an hour. Dream sequences. Childhood memories. The necessary love interest and sexual arousment scenes.  Etc. Not always that great. But they were acceptable attempts to make the movie a little bit more interesting than just filming a guy being stuck in a canyon.

No, in the end this is all about James Franco’s performance. And about the scenes that are cool. The colors of this movie are immaculate. Canyonland is a great backdrop for a movie. The movie just wants you to go hiking there as well. Get away from everyone. A bit the same feeling as Into The Wild. Some people around me asked their friends what they would do in the same situation and I guess most people would just give up faster. James Franco’s character is a bit TOO cool about the situation, but hey, a movie about a whiner would totally suck.

A few seats from me there was a family with a younger girl who closed her eyes during 5 minutes near the end of the movie. I looked around and I saw a LOT of people with the eyes closed. So be warned. There is a very cruel scene in this movie.

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