Coffee Date – **

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Comedy, USA, XX

Another 0.99 dollar gay themed iTunes rental. It’s also very low-budget and after having seen the trailer (pfff) and the other rental Finding Me, I thought I’d really hate this movie. BUT. It actually turned out great. The main actor ACTS. The story is believable. The jokes are funny. It’s a bit like the French top comedy Le Placard with Daniel Auteuil, but then LA style.

the movie is about a straight guy who gets pranked by his brother into a blind date with a gay guy. On his turn he pranks his brother (who lives in with him) by showing up that night with the gay date. Thus creating a wave of misunderstandings about him being gay. Turns out everyone believes he’s gay. His mother flies over to help him. His female colleagues suddenly like him more. Etc…  But he’s straight! Or not?

The movie also has its flaws though. It’s very low-budget. And not everyone acts well. Most over act as it’s a comedy. Some do it so well, it’s funny (the colleague, the mother) and some even suck at overacting (the latin lover). But it’s an original take on the misunderstanding hook of standard comedy script. And in the end it’s about people who just like each other.

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