Black Swan – **

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Drama, Thriller, USA, XX

This is a weird movie. It’s not a drama. It’s not a thriller. It’s something in between. Psychological horror maybe. The main character is an incredibly uninteresting and boring fucked up 20-something who only focuses on being the perfect ballet dancer and forgets to have a life next to that. She finally gets the main part of a ballet performance based on Tchaikovsky’s famous ‘Swan Lake’ and that brings her to a state of paranoid stress and delusion. She starts seeing and imagining things that aren’t there. And as a viewer you start to doubt what’s real and what’s not as well. Way too often. So often you get bored with it.

Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her part in this movie. During the first half of the movie you’re wondering why, ‘cos all she does is look scared, confused and silly. But that’s the whole point of the performance. Just like her character in the movie who is a perfect white swan, but an unconvincing black swan; you start to really think Natalie Portman isn’t all that good until she amazes at the end. A well deserved Oscar! Too bad Mila Kunis wasn’t nominated for a supporting part, ‘cos she’s the real star of the movie. The stupid girl from That 70s Show has become a great actress. She’s amazing in this movie.

I heard they added a lesbian scene between the two girls to get the men in the audience. It really adds nothing to the story, but I guess it worked. It’s the best scene of the movie. 😉

Apart from that. The paranoia just ruins the movie.

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