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JCVD – *1/2

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Action, Belgium, Comedy, Drama

Bought this movie for 2 euro or so because reviews in the states were good. It’s a fake reality low-budget film with Jean Claude Van Damme whose real life character gets entangled in a hold of a bank in Schaarbeek where he just happens to be to get money from his Belgian savings account. The story line is actually funny and I think it’s awesome that JCVD just wants to laugh with himself and his career and his failures like that. I’m sure part of the story is true (apart from the hold up). So, I never thought I would write that down. EVER. But, respect for Jean Claude for doing this movie.

He’s actually not acting bad at all. You actually believe his character. He is after all just playing himself. The opening scene is super. An action sequence of a new movie he’s contracted to do. All shot in one take, because there is no money for more takes. And JCVD coughing and running out of ┬ábreath at the end of the scene. Hilarious. The idea of him appearing in a uncharming part of Schaarbeek with a taxi and then being taken hostage by the amateurs who hold up the bank, is both great and silly. It becomes even sillier (and greater) when the media and police think that JCVD is behind the hold up.

However, the end result is not the movie that it promises to be. Too many actors try to be funny and aren’t. And they could have done much more with the idea. (if they had the money).

True Blood. The most talked about tv series amongst my (American) friends. I hadn’t watched it yet, but finally bought the first series on dvd. The verdict however, is NOT excellent. It’s just okay. I’m interested in watching the second season, but I don’t think I’ll buy it.

There’s something cool and cult about the series that I like. That edge that is crossed all the time. The gore is funny. The situations are just plain weird. But I couldn’t care less about all the sex scenes which get boring after a while. Plain vampire porn would be more erotic. And I was not really intrigued by the social commentary the show provokes. Hey, I wouldn’t give vampires the same rights as humans. Especially not after having seen this first season.

In the end, how absurd the characters may be, they are all very stereotypical. There’s only a few characters that I really want to get to know better, which is essential for keeping my interest in a show. Tara is a riot. An angry young black woman who speaks her mind all the time and has the funniest quotes. Lafayette is as much of a riot. A flamboyant but strong gay cook/city gardener/prostitute/dealer. But, luckily for the show, it’s the main character who’s the most intriguing one: Sookie, a somewhat naive but good-hearted open-minded human with telepathic abilities who falls for a vampire and who also sees everyone close to her murdered. Her storyline is one big rollercoaster of scary moments. Yet, she still continues with a smile.

Oh well, maybe it is worth ***. But I fast forwarded a few times and I read several internet sites while watching the show. So, it wasn’t THAT captivating.

Le Fil – 0

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Drama

If you’re a gay Tunesian, there might be some interest in watching this movie. If you’re not, don’t bother. What a crap movie. The script is predictable, the acting is bad, the directing is even worse and the score is horrible. There is nothing good about this movie. Apart from the body of Bilal maybe. If you like that kind of body. Oh yeah, it’s about a boring arrogant snobbish Tunesian gay guy who falls for the male maid of his widowed mother. Or something like that. Again, don’t bother watching this.

Children of God – 1/2

Posted: April 19, 2011 in 1/2, 2010, Bahamas, Drama, LGBT themed

Johnny is a white art student on the Bahamas. He’s technically very skilled, but shows no emotion in his work. He’s a quiet guy and gets bullied by the tough kids on the block. He’s weird and a bore and gay.

Romeo is a black musician on the Bahamas. He’s quite talented, but can’t seem to commit to his friends and family’s expectations. He’s an outgoing dude and one of the most beloved persons in town. He’s cool and funny and gay.

They meet. And have this little affair.

Now, I’m all in for an unexpected interracial romance, but this story just didn’t make sense. you have this cool guy (a great performance by Stephen Tyrone Williams) that you immediately start to feel for. and then there’s just this boring character (played uninspiringly by Johnny Ferro). His character kills the movie!

Even more unbelievable was the anti gay reverend who visits gay night clubs at night and gave HIV to his wife, who on her turn runs away with her child into the arms of another reverend to later accuse the man for trying to hit on her.

Talking about confused and fucked up people….

So what’s the message of this movie really? being gay is sad in the Bahamas? and the anti gay people are hypocrites? we all know that. I’m so fed up with these negative gay drama’s. why can’t gay movies be fun or romantic?