JCVD – *1/2

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Action, Belgium, Comedy, Drama

Bought this movie for 2 euro or so because reviews in the states were good. It’s a fake reality low-budget film with Jean Claude Van Damme whose real life character gets entangled in a hold of a bank in Schaarbeek where he just happens to be to get money from his Belgian savings account. The story line is actually funny and I think it’s awesome that JCVD just wants to laugh with himself and his career and his failures like that. I’m sure part of the story is true (apart from the hold up). So, I never thought I would write that down. EVER. But, respect for Jean Claude for doing this movie.

He’s actually not acting bad at all. You actually believe his character. He is after all just playing himself. The opening scene is super. An action sequence of a new movie he’s contracted to do. All shot in one take, because there is no money for more takes. And JCVD coughing and running out of  breath at the end of the scene. Hilarious. The idea of him appearing in a uncharming part of Schaarbeek with a taxi and then being taken hostage by the amateurs who hold up the bank, is both great and silly. It becomes even sillier (and greater) when the media and police think that JCVD is behind the hold up.

However, the end result is not the movie that it promises to be. Too many actors try to be funny and aren’t. And they could have done much more with the idea. (if they had the money).

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