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The Tree Of Life – **1/2

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Drama, USA, XX1/2

Winner of the Palm D’Or. But why? It’s not a movie, it’s an amazing collection of audiovisual images. There is not story, unless you think ‘life’ is a story. Or ‘memories’ are a story. It’s incredibly ambitious and even pompous. But I liked it. It fascinated me. The images are truly astonishing. Every 10 seconds there’s another beautiful thing to look at. The editing is superb. The camerawork original. It’s a well shot movie, but it’s more a conceptual art piece than a motion picture.

I still don’t like Brad Pitt, but the young actors were interesting to watch. And Sean Penn isn’t doing anything at all, but he’s nice to watch as well. As always.

Hm. Strange movie, but a nice experience at the cinema’s. This will suck at home.

Le Gamin Au Vélo – ***

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Belgium, Drama, XXX

Might win the Golden Palm at the Cannes film festival this Sunday, the new Dardennes movie. Normally I’m not a fan of their movies. Too depressing. But, this one was actually really good. It captivated me enough. All the way to the end. Caught my emotions as well. That does not always happen.

It’s a movie about a kid whose father puts him in a home because he just does not have room for a kid in his new life. Bam. The kid can’t and won’t accept being abandoned by his father. He’s smart and finds a woman to take him in during the weekend, not because he really likes her, but because she might bring him closer to his dad. In the meantime he hooks up with a low-life criminal.

Pretty heavy stuff. But it’s brought in a bit more cheerful way. I actually laughed at two occasions. The kid is awesome. Cecile De France is our best actress, but looks old in this flic. A must see actually.

Tambien La Lluvia – **1/2

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Drama, Spain, XX1/2

Saw this movie by chance today. Had time to go to the cinema and this is the one they played. Had heard/read nothing about it and that’s what I like about movies. Sometimes, you can still discover cinema on your own!

The story is simple. A film crew who is filming a movie about Christopher Columbus’ negative story in Bolivia, gets entangled in the fight of the locals against a big commercial water company that is stealing their own water resources. It’s actually quite interesting to see the similarities between what happened 500 years ago and what is happening now. Oppression then was for gold. Oppression now is for water. Even the film crew is hypocrite. They want to make a movie about how Columbus exploited the natives, but they are actually exploiting the locals as well. Paying them very little for acting like extras for instance.

It’s very interesting until the end when members of the film production start to realize what they are doing. Actually the odd thing is that the opinions from the crew members change constantly throughout the movie. Are they supportive or not supportive of the locals fight against the water company? You never really know for sure. Until the end, when some characters takes a stand. But by then you’ve lost support yourself. Just like the movie within the movie, there is no clear end to the story. But 3/4 of the movie is great. The acting especially is very good. Even Gabriel Garcia Bernal isn’t annoying.

Yeah, I can recommend this movie. Well done.

The King’s Speech – *1/2

Posted: May 18, 2011 in biopic, Drama

I have no idea why this movie got so many Oscars and other awards. Nor do I understand why so many people went to see the movie and then actually liked it. I was bored. Not to death. But still, bored. I wasn’t really to keen on seeing the movie as I don’t give a shit about a king stammering. But with all the awards and so, I felt it was my duty as a movie lover to watch it. And so I did. blablabla. the review is as boring as the movie. I didn’t like the story. Period. I couldn’t care less.

Yes, the acting is good. The period setting is excellent. The dialogue is funny at times. In a classical British kind of way. But it’s still a movie about a king stammering. Boring!

Entre Les Murs – ****

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Drama, France, XXXX

This movie was shown on France 2 tonight as the Cannes Film Festival started and the movie won in 2008. I saw it in Brasil of all places, but thought it was the best movie of the year as well. Watched it again, and there’s NOTHING wrong about this movie. This is an incredibly real, balanced, thought-provoking master piece about a teacher and his multicultural class. Almost all issues about modern teaching are shown both from the teacher’s point of view to the students’ lives. It looks like a documentary, but it’s all acted. Even though all the names of the characters are the names of the actors. Some students you’ll love to hate and hate to love. They are stereotypes, but not stereotypical. And the teacher leads the movie, like he leads the class. With respect and interest, but also with frustration.

So far the only **** film reviewed on here.

True Grit – **1/2

Posted: May 10, 2011 in 1969, Classic, Drama, USA, Western, XX1/2

Since all passengers tell me the new True Grit is nothing compared to the old one, I decided to watch it. Well, whatever the Coen brothers say as it not being a remake but a reinterpretation, it’s a remake! They almost stole scene by scene. Watching the old movie was a bit of a bore because of that, because I had just seen the new version and I still knew everything that happened. Hm.

That said, I liked the old version. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone’s acting fine, the humor is funny and it must have been pretty daring in the time it was released. Not sure if John Wayne deserved an Oscar for it. I preferred Jeff Bridges in the new one. But the girl in the old one is better than the new girl. 😉

Anyways. worth watching!