Entre Les Murs – ****

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Drama, France, XXXX

This movie was shown on France 2 tonight as the Cannes Film Festival started and the movie won in 2008. I saw it in Brasil of all places, but thought it was the best movie of the year as well. Watched it again, and there’s NOTHING wrong about this movie. This is an incredibly real, balanced, thought-provoking master piece about a teacher and his multicultural class. Almost all issues about modern teaching are shown both from the teacher’s point of view to the students’ lives. It looks like a documentary, but it’s all acted. Even though all the names of the characters are the names of the actors. Some students you’ll love to hate and hate to love. They are stereotypes, but not stereotypical. And the teacher leads the movie, like he leads the class. With respect and interest, but also with frustration.

So far the only **** film reviewed on here.

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