The King’s Speech – *1/2

Posted: May 18, 2011 in biopic, Drama

I have no idea why this movie got so many Oscars and other awards. Nor do I understand why so many people went to see the movie and then actually liked it. I was bored. Not to death. But still, bored. I wasn’t really to keen on seeing the movie as I don’t give a shit about a king stammering. But with all the awards and so, I felt it was my duty as a movie lover to watch it. And so I did. blablabla. the review is as boring as the movie. I didn’t like the story. Period. I couldn’t care less.

Yes, the acting is good. The period setting is excellent. The dialogue is funny at times. In a classical British kind of way. But it’s still a movie about a king stammering. Boring!

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