Le Gamin Au Vélo – ***

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Belgium, Drama, XXX

Might win the Golden Palm at the Cannes film festival this Sunday, the new Dardennes movie. Normally I’m not a fan of their movies. Too depressing. But, this one was actually really good. It captivated me enough. All the way to the end. Caught my emotions as well. That does not always happen.

It’s a movie about a kid whose father puts him in a home because he just does not have room for a kid in his new life. Bam. The kid can’t and won’t accept being abandoned by his father. He’s smart and finds a woman to take him in during the weekend, not because he really likes her, but because she might bring him closer to his dad. In the meantime he hooks up with a low-life criminal.

Pretty heavy stuff. But it’s brought in a bit more cheerful way. I actually laughed at two occasions. The kid is awesome. Cecile De France is our best actress, but looks old in this flic. A must see actually.

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