The Tree Of Life – **1/2

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Drama, USA, XX1/2

Winner of the Palm D’Or. But why? It’s not a movie, it’s an amazing collection of audiovisual images. There is not story, unless you think ‘life’ is a story. Or ‘memories’ are a story. It’s incredibly ambitious and even pompous. But I liked it. It fascinated me. The images are truly astonishing. Every 10 seconds there’s another beautiful thing to look at. The editing is superb. The camerawork original. It’s a well shot movie, but it’s more a conceptual art piece than a motion picture.

I still don’t like Brad Pitt, but the young actors were interesting to watch. And Sean Penn isn’t doing anything at all, but he’s nice to watch as well. As always.

Hm. Strange movie, but a nice experience at the cinema’s. This will suck at home.

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