Jindabyne – **1/2

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Australia, Drama, XX1/2

Bought this dvd for 2 euro in Toulon. It’s from the makers of Lantana, which I thought was one of the best movies made in the 2000s. The story takes place in a remote town in Australia. Four men who go fishing in a nature park find the body of a raped Aboriginal woman. Instead of immediately reporting the crime scene, they decide to first finish their fishing weekend. Upon their return to the village they get almost as much blame as the rapist/killer.

The main reason why I finished the movie was because of the performance of Laura Linney, who amazes me more and more. She has this natural way of acting, like Kate Wynslet has as well. There is absolutely nothing fake in her performances. She’s the wife of one of the men who went fishing and can’t understand how her husband didn’t report the crime. She accuses him of being racist (What if it was a white boy?) and tries to make up for her husbands mistake by collecting money for the woman’s funeral for instance. The husband on the other hand can’t understand her sudden concern because of things happened in their recent past. You never get to see flashbacks (a relief), but you can just imagine and empathize with the past by seeing the actors in the present.

I don’t like to give away too much as the movie is very rich in different plot lines. There are plenty of other characters popping up with each their own history. And each of them is interesting enough to get a bigger focus. The story build up is fascinating, but instead of reaching to a climax it leaves you behind with more questions. Who are these people? How did they end up so hurt? What will happen to them? If this would have been a pilot for a tv series, I would definitely have watched the rest of the episodes. It would be great television. But it’s a movie and leaves you, in that format, unsatisfied. I don’t mind an open ending from time to time, but it doesn’t work when you get tiny bits of information about a dozen of characters and none of the information matters in the end.


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