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Seen at the UGC Antwerpen

Hm. E.T. meets The Goonies meets The End Of The World. Science fiction for the young. I am getting too old I think. Not that I did not like the movie, hey, I watched it until the final end. But this is a children’s movie. Aimed at children. It is very Spielbergian, if that is a word. As he was the producer of the movie. Meaning, the action is flawless and the characters are not one-dimensional. Elle Fanning, who was also the best thing in Somewhere is again the best thing in this flick. This can be a great actress if she stays away from all the drugs…

The movie? It is set in the early eighties. Must be fun for kids from now to see people listen to a Walkman. But it was not a nostalgia trip for people who were kids in the eighties. Some dorks are making a horror movie and while filming they witness a crash of a train. The train is carrying an extra terrestrial, who escapes during the crash and the small little town becomes a war zone.

Midnight In Paris – **

Posted: July 29, 2011 in 2011, Comedy, France, USA, XX

Seen at the UGC Antwerpen

I am not a big fan of Woody Allen, but some of his movies are really fun to watch and I can see myself write stuff like he does or even ‘act’ in them. Hey, if Owen Wilson can be the main actor, why not me?

This time Allen is in Paris. His alter ego (played by Wilson) is a succesful script writer who is about to get married to the daughter of some rich republican business people. They invite their daughter and their future son-in-law on a trip to Paris. There, the writer feels inspired to finish his novel, and more, to give up his HOllywood life and settle in Paris. Much to the amusement of his wife who for some inexplicable reason still wants to marry him.

Jump to one evening after midnight when the writer is walking around on his own. He gets picked up by a taxi that dates from the early 20s, which works as a time machine. Every night after midnight he gets transported to his favorite era. Meeting all kinds of celebrities from that time (Cole Porter, Ernest Hemmingway) and a new love interest (played by the always charming Marillon Cottilard).

The movie is very well received by the critics and it is also the highest grossing Allen movie to date. Not sure why. Is Wilson that popular overseas? The movie is fun to watch, but it does not live up to the expectations. The famous celebrities from almost 100 years ago are only briefly introduced. Adrien Brody is fun als Dali but the others are just silly. You really do not get to know that much more of the 20s. And what happens in the present day is also quite boring. You can feel a joke coming from a distance and the acting is just bad.

But I still enjoyed it, just because I liked the idea and I like Cottillard.

Riparo (Shelter Me) – *1/2

Posted: July 26, 2011 in 2007, Drama, Italy, X1/2

Seen on television

Two lesbians seem to live a happy life. Until they ‘adopt’ a young Moroccan kid. One lesbian feels like she needs to give him some shelter. the other is at first jealous, then of course falls for the charms of the kid and cheats on her wife. End of story.

If you read the sentence above and you feel like the movie is something for you; then it probably is something for you. If you read it and you think: boring; you will find it incredibly boring. Sure, there are some lesbian scenes. But the lesbians are not as hot as in Bound for instance. one is actually plain ugly. sorry. The acting is very bad. Especially the Moroccan kid cannot act. The idea of a young Moroccan kid trying to charm his way into the vagina of one of the lesbians is a bit perverse; the fact that he actually succeeds in it is silly.

Oh, it is an Italian movie and it takes place in a shoe factory. One of the lesbians works int he factory; the other one is the daughter of the homophobic owner of the factory. Drama!

Passchendaele – 1/2

Posted: July 26, 2011 in 2008, Canada


1/2 stars because it is okay that people make movies about this time of our history.

Set in WW I, two Canadians enter the battle field at Passchendaele, not far from where I grew up. Too bad you only see part of the battle in the beginning and at the end of the movie. It’s gruesome, almost horror. A bit over the top. In between the two battle scenes you have a story in Canada about a fallen hero and a young kid with asthma who both feel like they have to get to war (again).

The story is boring and the acting is VERY bad. Skip this one.

Die Schweizermacher – *

Posted: July 26, 2011 in 1979, Comedy, Switserland, X

Started a tour in Basel and got this dvd from a colleague. I think this is the first swiss movie I watched. And it wasn’t all that good. The premise is good though. Two guys who work for the department of immigration have to check on three people if they are fit enough to become Swiss citizens. They are of course, but one of the two swissmakers (as they are called in the title) really wants to do everything possible to find something that proves they are not really willing to become Swiss.

As I said, the premise is great. Not sure why they haven’t made a remake yet in other countries, like Flanders… Maybe I should start writing…

But, it’s an old fashioned movie and the jokes are a bit lame really. The acting is just stupid as well. The ‘good’ swiss maker just smiles and that’s it. the immigrants are just re-enforcing clich├ęs.

Die Herbstzeitlosen – **

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Comedy, Switserland, XX

Seen on dvd

The other of the two Swiss dvd’s I lent from a Swiss colleague. And a better one. Actually, not sure why this has not been remade yet in Hollywood. The idea is simple, but it can work.

An old recently widowed woman, living in a remote village of the Swiss alps, decides to pursue her childhood dream: opening up a lingerie shop with hand-made lingerie. The woman is in her eighties and the village she lives in is very conservative.

THere you go. That is how simple a movie can be. Think of the British comedy dramas like The Full Monty and you get the idea. A laugh, a cry and some moments where you think it is made by amateurs. But a feel good weekend movie. In a dialect only Swiss people can understand. Thanks for subtitles!

Mad Men Season 4 – ***1/2

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Drama, TV series, USA


On my list for a while now, I finally saw Il Y A Longtemps Que Je T’Aime. I always thought it was a strange title for a movie, but it’s referring to a line of French children’s song that they play at one moment on the piano. But it’s also referring to the relationship between two sisters who’ve been out of sight for 15 years. One because she was imprisoned for murder and the other because her parents told her her sister had died.

The movie starts out a bit as a thriller. Even though you know it’s not going to be a thriller, you do want to know why she was in prison for 15 years and if she will be recidivist. However it all turns out just to be a drama about redemption. Kirsten Scott Thomas was nominated for an Oscar (even though this is a French movie) and won a Cesar for her role. And rightfully so. She is terrific. She really makes you believe she spent 15 ears in prison. But Elisa Zylberstein is also great. She won a Cesar for her performance by the way.

Yet, it’s a drama where in the end nothing really happens. It’s great to watch the two sisters (inter)act. And you do think about the situation, which is always a plus. A great movie should make you think. But it also should entertain and that’s where the movie fails a little bit. Apart from the acting and the situation, there’s not so much to look at. This could have easily been a television movie. Just saw the trailer of a new movie of Steven Spielberg where she zooms into the eyelid of a horse and you see what’s happening in the reflection of it. Now that’s what you won’t get to see in this movie. That’s not necessary, but I’m just saying.

The Big C – **1/2

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Comedy, Drama, USA