Riparo (Shelter Me) – *1/2

Posted: July 26, 2011 in 2007, Drama, Italy, X1/2

Seen on television

Two lesbians seem to live a happy life. Until they ‘adopt’ a young Moroccan kid. One lesbian feels like she needs to give him some shelter. the other is at first jealous, then of course falls for the charms of the kid and cheats on her wife. End of story.

If you read the sentence above and you feel like the movie is something for you; then it probably is something for you. If you read it and you think: boring; you will find it incredibly boring. Sure, there are some lesbian scenes. But the lesbians are not as hot as in Bound for instance. one is actually plain ugly. sorry. The acting is very bad. Especially the Moroccan kid cannot act. The idea of a young Moroccan kid trying to charm his way into the vagina of one of the lesbians is a bit perverse; the fact that he actually succeeds in it is silly.

Oh, it is an Italian movie and it takes place in a shoe factory. One of the lesbians works int he factory; the other one is the daughter of the homophobic owner of the factory. Drama!

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