Super 8 – *1/2

Posted: July 29, 2011 in 2011, Children/Family, Science Fiction, X1/2

Seen at the UGC Antwerpen

Hm. E.T. meets The Goonies meets The End Of The World. Science fiction for the young. I am getting too old I think. Not that I did not like the movie, hey, I watched it until the final end. But this is a children’s movie. Aimed at children. It is very Spielbergian, if that is a word. As he was the producer of the movie. Meaning, the action is flawless and the characters are not one-dimensional. Elle Fanning, who was also the best thing in Somewhere is again the best thing in this flick. This can be a great actress if she stays away from all the drugs…

The movie? It is set in the early eighties. Must be fun for kids from now to see people listen to a Walkman. But it was not a nostalgia trip for people who were kids in the eighties. Some dorks are making a horror movie and while filming they witness a crash of a train. The train is carrying an extra terrestrial, who escapes during the crash and the small little town becomes a war zone.

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