De Grøne Slagtere (The Green Butchers) – 1/2

Posted: September 20, 2011 in 1/2, 2003, Denmark, Horror

Bought this dvd in Denmark, because I wanted to get see some typical Danish movie that isn’t known outside of Denmark.  Just watched (with subtitles) and I didn’t quite get it. Sure it’s a dark comedy and maybe a manifest against greed. But it didn’t work for me.

Two butchers decided to open up a butcher shop on their own. When they accidentally forget someone in the meat cooler, they aren’t sure what to do with the dead body. Until a customer needs a large amounts of steaks and one of the butchers, starts to, well, cut of steaks from the dead guy’s thighs. Very predictable.

I smiled maybe three times because of the absurdity. But I never laughed.

Damn, I just see that they have the whole movie online:

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