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Efter Bryllupet – **1/2

Posted: October 29, 2011 in 2006, Denmark, Drama, XX1/2

A Danish volunteer worker reluctantly goes back to his home country to obtain much necessary money for his orphanage project in India. One rich industrial in particular wants to finance the cause, but seems to have other intentions for flying over the volunteer worker. A big secret gets revealed at the wedding of the daughter of the industrial, which sets off the movie. Another big secret gets revealed in the third act, which leads to a dramatic finale.

The story setup is very simple and allows the director to focus on the many personal aspects of the main characters with hundreds of close up scenes that show every single emotion possible. From anger to frustration to love to disappointment. The directing is pretty intimate, but efficient. This is an actor’s movie and the acting is superb! So why add special effects or long scenery shots? The story however just isn’t all that exciting and there are parts at the end of the movie that could have easily been cut out. It’s because of those scenes that I don’t find the movie an absolute must. But it was a pleasant surprise.

True Blood Season 3 – **

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Horror, TV series, XX


There’s something really addictive about True Blood. There is no other explanation why I bother to continue watching this series. The first two seasons were already bad, but they were so over the top that they intrigued me. This season however is even more over the top and it starts to bore me. I really start to put it on the same level as the Bold and the Beautiful. There’s a lot of bad acting and it’s filled with unbelievable and illogical plot lines, where every character seems to have forgotten its own past and never ever learns his/her lesson.

Basically Season 3 continues exactly where season 2 ended, with the introduction of many new characters and creatures, a lot of flashbacks and so much intrigue, cheating, lying, sex, shifting, slaying, cursing, backstabbing as in any normal day soap. Just more explicit and more cruel! And more gay! And that’s the problem with this series compared to the previous two. The sex and the horror have become so commonplace that they are no longer captivating, so all that is left is drama of the worst kind. And the gayness is sometimes just plain ridiculous.

Luckily there are the funny one-liners at times like ‘I’d love to rip you open and wear your rib case as a hat’. Or ‘I never thought I was smart enough to be depressed’. And you just got to love Sookie. And Lafayette. But apart from that: pulp! Highly addictive pulp.

After every season I tell myself not to buy the next one and then I do after all.

X-Men: First Class – ***

Posted: October 17, 2011 in 2011, Action, USA


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There’s something better about the X-Men movies that makes them so much better than any other comic book adaptation. Just the fact alone that mutants are different and are seen as freaks by the establishment is a brilliant concept. Anyone can relate to that. Well, a lot of people can. Sure, this is another special effects and action packed good vs evil war movie. But you understand why there is the war.

I’ve really enjoyed the X-Men trilogy. Didn’t so much like Wolverine. But this one is as good as any of the trilogy. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

Oh. The action is great and the effects are amazing. But the story just captivates more and the acting is pretty good. There’s a few new faces to watch out for. Jennifer Lawrence gives a much more interesting rendition of Mystique than Rebecca Romijn in the trilogy.  James McAvoy is as believable as Professor X as Patrick Stewart, even though he looks ten years younger than his friend and future enemy. Michael Fassbender, as Magneto however, steals the movie. Not quite as good as Ian McKellen, but getting there. He looks a bit like Don Draper from Mad Men, so it’s funny to see Mrs Draper as well in this movie. January Jones will have a tough time getting rid of her Mad Men persona, because here she just acts like Mrs Draper, even though she turns into crystal from time to time. Kevin Bacon, normally one of my favorite actors, is a bit underacting here as the bad guy.

All in all, a great action movie that never bores and leaves for more! Get the sequel coming!

L’Artiste – **1/2

Posted: October 15, 2011 in 2011, Comedy, Drama, France, Romance, XX1/2


Seen at UGC Brouckère

You don’t get to see silent movies in the theaters anymore. I remember one silent movie night in Los Angeles back in 1999, where we went to Broadway and saw everybody arrive in old timers dressed in the roaring twenties style. I forgot which movie I saw, but it was with a LIFE orchestra in front of the main stage. Now that was an experience. This movie tries to bring back the silent movie to the big screen. it’s quite original and daring, but for some reason I wasn’t all that impressed.

The first act of the movie is great. There’s a lot to funny moments, the acting is quite endearing and there are some visually and creatively stunning scenes, which most likely are copy cats from the real old movies that this picture should bring homage to. However, it gets your attention and you don’t mind that there is no talking at all.

The second act gets a bit boring and you realize that the story really is the weakest point of the movie. It’s all about a silent movie artist who at the peak of his career helps a young girl into the movie industry. When the talkies become successful, he loses his job, wife, personal assistant and much more only to see that young girl become the new mega movie star idol. Will jealousy take over? Or could it be love?

The third act is good again. With some really funny scenes in which the artists jack Russell terrier plays a very convincing part! If there would be awards for animals, it should go to this dog! And the absolute end is hilarious, even though the French-speaking audience in Brussels didn’t get the joke.

All in all. Quite a must-see, but it could have looked a little bit more authentic and they could have invested more time and money on the script.

Weekend – ***

Posted: October 13, 2011 in 2011, Drama, LGBT themed, UK

See at the Kinepolis Ghent, part of the International Film Festival

surprise, Surprise. A gay themed movie with normal gays! No sissies like in most comedies. No heart-torn straight acting cowboys like in critically acclaimed drama’s. No. Just plain normal gays. Two of them as a matter of fact, who meet in a club, have sex and start to feel emotionally attracted to each other.

This is a French movie made in Britain! Most of the action is talking! And reflecting! And it doesn’t bore a bit. Unless you normally see movies like Transformers or Johnny English. Or you are 100% straight and you are reluctant of seeing two men starting to maybe fall in love. Or if you are a straight acting cowboy or a sissy and can’t relate to normal people.

There isn’t really much to the story though. Two guys meet and spent a weekend together before one of them parts for a longer period of time out of the country. That’s it. But the acting is really good! And the discussions are thought-provoking. And the director shows a lot by just letting things happen. It seems like nothing was staged or prepared. Just plain improvisation. and it works wonderfully.

too bad there’s such an abundance of drug use. why can two men not just meet and have this great weekend together without taking drugs????

The Debt – **1/2

Posted: October 10, 2011 in 2010, Drama, Thriller, USA, XX1/2


Seen at the UGC Toison D’Or


I have a new favorite actress. Jessica Chastain! She is phenomenal in this movie. Helen Mirren is the top name of this flic, but all credits go to Jessica!

The movie itself is actually really good. Apart from the fact that it makes you feel it’s based on a true story, which it isn’t. In this regard, the script falters by the end. Had it been a true story, it would have been believable. Maybe. Now it’s just another standard drama thriller. But I enjoyed it.

Rio – ***

Posted: October 1, 2011 in 2011, Adventure, Animation, USA, XXX

What a fun animation picture! Apart from the very predictable happy end, there’s really nothing wrong with this movie. The story is very basic, but the setting is unique. It’s in Rio! My guess is that the Rio Tourist Board financed half of the production of this movie. Excellent marketing for the marvelous city! It has all the stereotypical Brazilian ingredients, that also made The Simpsons Go To Brazil extremely funny. And even though this is not a Pixar production, it does compete with it very well in terms of adding those little extra details that also make adults love this picture.

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