Weekend – ***

Posted: October 13, 2011 in 2011, Drama, LGBT themed, UK

See at the Kinepolis Ghent, part of the International Film Festival


surprise, Surprise. A gay themed movie with normal gays! No sissies like in most comedies. No heart-torn straight acting cowboys like in critically acclaimed drama’s. No. Just plain normal gays. Two of them as a matter of fact, who meet in a club, have sex and start to feel emotionally attracted to each other.

This is a French movie made in Britain! Most of the action is talking! And reflecting! And it doesn’t bore a bit. Unless you normally see movies like Transformers or Johnny English. Or you are 100% straight and you are reluctant of seeing two men starting to maybe fall in love. Or if you are a straight acting cowboy or a sissy and can’t relate to normal people.

There isn’t really much to the story though. Two guys meet and spent a weekend together before one of them parts for a longer period of time out of the country. That’s it. But the acting is really good! And the discussions are thought-provoking. And the director shows a lot by just letting things happen. It seems like nothing was staged or prepared. Just plain improvisation. and it works wonderfully.

too bad there’s such an abundance of drug use. why can two men not just meet and have this great weekend together without taking drugs????

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