L’Artiste – **1/2

Posted: October 15, 2011 in 2011, Comedy, Drama, France, Romance, XX1/2


Seen at UGC Brouckère


You don’t get to see silent movies in the theaters anymore. I remember one silent movie night in Los Angeles back in 1999, where we went to Broadway and saw everybody arrive in old timers dressed in the roaring twenties style. I forgot which movie I saw, but it was with a LIFE orchestra in front of the main stage. Now that was an experience. This movie tries to bring back the silent movie to the big screen. it’s quite original and daring, but for some reason I wasn’t all that impressed.

The first act of the movie is great. There’s a lot to funny moments, the acting is quite endearing and there are some visually and creatively stunning scenes, which most likely are copy cats from the real old movies that this picture should bring homage to. However, it gets your attention and you don’t mind that there is no talking at all.

The second act gets a bit boring and you realize that the story really is the weakest point of the movie. It’s all about a silent movie artist who at the peak of his career helps a young girl into the movie industry. When the talkies become successful, he loses his job, wife, personal assistant and much more only to see that young girl become the new mega movie star idol. Will jealousy take over? Or could it be love?

The third act is good again. With some really funny scenes in which the artists jack Russell terrier plays a very convincing part! If there would be awards for animals, it should go to this dog! And the absolute end is hilarious, even though the French-speaking audience in Brussels didn’t get the joke.

All in all. Quite a must-see, but it could have looked a little bit more authentic and they could have invested more time and money on the script.

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