X-Men: First Class – ***

Posted: October 17, 2011 in 2011, Action, USA


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There’s something better about the X-Men movies that makes them so much better than any other comic book adaptation. Just the fact alone that mutants are different and are seen as freaks by the establishment is a brilliant concept. Anyone can relate to that. Well, a lot of people can. Sure, this is another special effects and action packed good vs evil war movie. But you understand why there is the war.

I’ve really enjoyed the X-Men trilogy. Didn’t so much like Wolverine. But this one is as good as any of the trilogy. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

Oh. The action is great and the effects are amazing. But the story just captivates more and the acting is pretty good. There’s a few new faces to watch out for. Jennifer Lawrence gives a much more interesting rendition of Mystique than Rebecca Romijn in the trilogy.  James McAvoy is as believable as Professor X as Patrick Stewart, even though he looks ten years younger than his friend and future enemy. Michael Fassbender, as Magneto however, steals the movie. Not quite as good as Ian McKellen, but getting there. He looks a bit like Don Draper from Mad Men, so it’s funny to see Mrs Draper as well in this movie. January Jones will have a tough time getting rid of her Mad Men persona, because here she just acts like Mrs Draper, even though she turns into crystal from time to time. Kevin Bacon, normally one of my favorite actors, is a bit underacting here as the bad guy.

All in all, a great action movie that never bores and leaves for more! Get the sequel coming!


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