True Blood Season 3 – **

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Horror, TV series, XX


There’s something really addictive about True Blood. There is no other explanation why I bother to continue watching this series. The first two seasons were already bad, but they were so over the top that they intrigued me. This season however is even more over the top and it starts to bore me. I really start to put it on the same level as the Bold and the Beautiful. There’s a lot of bad acting and it’s filled with unbelievable and illogical plot lines, where every character seems to have forgotten its own past and never ever learns his/her lesson.

Basically Season 3 continues exactly where season 2 ended, with the introduction of many new characters and creatures, a lot of flashbacks and so much intrigue, cheating, lying, sex, shifting, slaying, cursing, backstabbing as in any normal day soap. Just more explicit and more cruel! And more gay! And that’s the problem with this series compared to the previous two. The sex and the horror have become so commonplace that they are no longer captivating, so all that is left is drama of the worst kind. And the gayness is sometimes just plain ridiculous.

Luckily there are the funny one-liners at times like ‘I’d love to rip you open and wear your rib case as a hat’. Or ‘I never thought I was smart enough to be depressed’. And you just got to love Sookie. And Lafayette. But apart from that: pulp! Highly addictive pulp.

After every season I tell myself not to buy the next one and then I do after all.

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