Efter Bryllupet – **1/2

Posted: October 29, 2011 in 2006, Denmark, Drama, XX1/2


A Danish volunteer worker reluctantly goes back to his home country to obtain much necessary money for his orphanage project in India. One rich industrial in particular wants to finance the cause, but seems to have other intentions for flying over the volunteer worker. A big secret gets revealed at the wedding of the daughter of the industrial, which sets off the movie. Another big secret gets revealed in the third act, which leads to a dramatic finale.

The story setup is very simple and allows the director to focus on the many personal aspects of the main characters with hundreds of close up scenes that show every single emotion possible. From anger to frustration to love to disappointment. The directing is pretty intimate, but efficient. This is an actor’s movie and the acting is superb! So why add special effects or long scenery shots? The story however just isn’t all that exciting and there are parts at the end of the movie that could have easily been cut out. It’s because of those scenes that I don’t find the movie an absolute must. But it was a pleasant surprise.


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