Californication Season 4 – 1/2

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Comedy, TV series, USA

Whatever happened to Californication? I loved the first three seasons so much! This is such a crap season. Really, I fast forwarded half of the season in the hope of seeing something that would intrigue me again. BUt nothing. I thought maybe the whole trial at the end would bring some excitement, but nada!

Why did I dislike this season so much. Well, it’s very strange to write it down like this, but this series is JUST about sex. That’s all that it is about. ANd it gets SO boring. yes, hank moody can get any woman he wants. we know it now. yes, the mother of his daughter will always have a weakness for him no matter what he does. but NO, he does not love her as much as you thought he did in the first three seasons. if he really would love her he would change and he doesn’t, so feel empathy? Why feel empathy for him and why feel empathy for her? And what is a tv show without empathy?

Oh, and this time, NONE of the side characters have anything interesting to say at all. What a waste of production money.


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