50/50 – **

Posted: November 29, 2011 in 2011, Comedy, Drama, USA, XX



Okay, the idea is great. The acting of the two main characters as well. But in the end, it’s really not such a good movie. There’s too many moments that are annoying.

It’s all about a guy who learns he has cancer in his spine and doctors give him 50 percent change of surviving. As he starts with chemo he needs to deal with his cheating girlfriend, his over caring mother and a new unexperienced therapist. But above all he has to face his own fears as well.

The best parts are from Seth Rogen. I mean, he’s funny in general, but this time his lines are just right on. Sure his friend has cancer, but hey, why not make fun and use of it? Why not try to get laid being that guy who takes care of his sick friend so well? Yeah, Seth Rogen saves the movie.

Joseph Gorden-Levitt is a great actor, but here he’s just okay. I guess I just had issues with his character being such a loser really. It just wasn’t really believable how he dealt with his own diagnosis. Angelica Huston is also okay as his mother. The rest of the cast is totally miscast.

Again, the movie has its merits and there are both funny and dramatic scenes. But in the end it just didn’t work (for me). I couldn’t help comparing with Le Temps Qui Reste, a French movie about a guy who finds out he’s going to die from cancer. Now that movie may not have had that much humor, but everything you noticed was believable. Here, there’s just too many scenes that are unbelievable. Like the encounter with the unexperienced therapist who will turn out to be his love interest at the end. It’s not a give away, you can tell from the first scene they have together. And the appointments with the doctor are incredibly stereotypical and unjust to their profession.

oh well… one to watch and forget


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