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Happy Endings Season 1 – ***

Posted: December 10, 2011 in 2011, Comedy, TV series, XXX

Finally a sitcom I love!

Okay, it looks very much like Friends. But still, it made me laugh.

Alex and Jane are sisters. One is a bit goofy and doesn’t really know what she wants in life Rachel style, the other is a control freak Monica style. Alex ran away on her wedding day and dumped her long-term boyfriend Dave, who’s actually a cool simple dude that just got his heart crushed (not so much Ross style). His two best friends are Brad, a successful investor or something like that which is only in the show as the african american character, and Max, a ‘heterosexual who likes dicks’ with humor like Chandler. Oh and they have a sixth friend in common, the crazy Penny (Phoebe style).

Yeah, it’s basically Friends, without a whining Ross and an ignorant Joey, but with an African-American and a Gay.

To be honest, the coolest part of the show is the gay character Max. This is really the funniest gay character I’ve ever seen on tv. He’s SO not acting gay, which is great! The lines he uses are really witty and he can be all sarcastic about being gay as well. ‘coming out is so gay’. is one of his lines. Together with Penny he makes a great comical duo.

And everyone can associate with Dave.

But what the Brad/Jane story line is boring.

Just check it out. it’s cheap on iTunes.


Pearl Jam 20 – **

Posted: December 7, 2011 in 2011, Documentary, USA, XX


Hm. Not sure what to think of this documentary. It’s not really an exceptional one. At times it’s even boring! And I LOVE Pearl Jam.

There just wasn’t any structure in it. It’s kind of a collection of live performances and never-before-seen footage with some snippets from interviews from back then and from now. It’s sort of told in a chronological way, but it’s too much focused on the first ten years of the band and not so much on what kind of band they are now. There’s a lot of music of course, but some songs are played way too long. I did learn stuff about the band that I didn’t know before and it’s really cool to see the ever silent Stone Gossard be thé talker in this documentary! Stone rocks! It’s also clear that Stone and Eddie don’t get along that well, so I would have focused on that. There’s a brief mention about the period when the band thought of splitting, but that’s just what I wanted to know more of about. Why did they want to split and why did they come back together. You don’t really get a clear answer to that question.

This is really a movie made for the fans. People who don’t know or don’t like Pearl Jam couldn’t sit through 15 minutes of this dvd. And that’s where the difference lays with great rockumentaries.

Adem – ***

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Drama, Flanders, XXX

Dexter Season 5 – ****

Posted: December 4, 2011 in 2010, Thriller, TV series, XXXX

Just finished watching season 5 of my favorite serial killer series. And it was AWESOME because it was flawless. Sure, it wasn’t as scary as season 1 and 2. But it was so much better than series 3 and it really improved on season 4 as well, which was NOT an easy task. The finale of Season 4 was pretty shocking, but the writers ended up creating an incredibly exciting new season. Yes, I’m very impressed!

What I really like about Dexter is that the series are really consistent. If something gets introduced in the story, there is going to be a follow-up of that particular thing. So many other series leave important scenes in the cutting room which makes the audience think ‘whatever happened to…’ . Not with Dexter. Much respect for the script writing team.

But it’s also the acting that makes the series so good. I recently read an article about a guy who had a list of the most annoying characters in Dexter and he basically listed every single one. I don’t agree with that list at all. Each character has a specific purpose in this series. And yes, Deb is a bitch, but I really start to like her and even though I didn’t like Jennifer Carpenter in the beginning, now I have to admit that she really does play Deb well. Yeah, everyone in the cast is good. No complaints there either.

So the story and the acting make this one of the best tv series ever. (apart from season 3 that is). Can’t wait for season 6 with Mos Def.

Oh, what is it all about? Well, Dexter (a serial killer who only kills people who deserve to die) finally gets a companion. during one of his killings he encounters a young woman who has been sexually abused by the person Dexter is about to kill. He rescues her and there’s a special bond grower between the two of them. It turns out that the molester wasn’t handling on his own, so both Dexter and his new friend decide to trace down all the other molesters and kill them off. In the meantime, Deb (Dexter’s sister) is investigating in a very strange beheading murder case. And Dexter is being spied on by someone from his team.

The story is multilayered and, okay, as I’m writing this, I have to admit that they could have taken that beheading murder case into more detail. And hey, whatever happened to the second brother? lol. But in the end, I really enjoyed this show. Or better, I was really thrilled watching it. Good job!

The Hangover Part II – 1/2

Posted: December 1, 2011 in 2011, Comedy

As terribly good the first movie was (I saw it twice), this second part is as terribly bad. I may have laughed three times or so. I did finish the movie, since I just returned from Bangkok and I wanted to see where they shot the movie. But my god! What a terrible waste of money. The first movie kind of made sense, the second one doesn’t make sense at all.