Pearl Jam 20 – **

Posted: December 7, 2011 in 2011, Documentary, USA, XX


Hm. Not sure what to think of this documentary. It’s not really an exceptional one. At times it’s even boring! And I LOVE Pearl Jam.

There just wasn’t any structure in it. It’s kind of a collection of live performances and never-before-seen footage with some snippets from interviews from back then and from now. It’s sort of told in a chronological way, but it’s too much focused on the first ten years of the band and not so much on what kind of band they are now. There’s a lot of music of course, but some songs are played way too long. I did learn stuff about the band that I didn’t know before and it’s really cool to see the ever silent Stone Gossard be thé talker in this documentary! Stone rocks! It’s also clear that Stone and Eddie don’t get along that well, so I would have focused on that. There’s a brief mention about the period when the band thought of splitting, but that’s just what I wanted to know more of about. Why did they want to split and why did they come back together. You don’t really get a clear answer to that question.

This is really a movie made for the fans. People who don’t know or don’t like Pearl Jam couldn’t sit through 15 minutes of this dvd. And that’s where the difference lays with great rockumentaries.

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