Happy Endings Season 1 – ***

Posted: December 10, 2011 in 2011, Comedy, TV series, XXX



Finally a sitcom I love!

Okay, it looks very much like Friends. But still, it made me laugh.

Alex and Jane are sisters. One is a bit goofy and doesn’t really know what she wants in life Rachel style, the other is a control freak Monica style. Alex ran away on her wedding day and dumped her long-term boyfriend Dave, who’s actually a cool simple dude that just got his heart crushed (not so much Ross style). His two best friends are Brad, a successful investor or something like that which is only in the show as the african american character, and Max, a ‘heterosexual who likes dicks’ with humor like Chandler. Oh and they have a sixth friend in common, the crazy Penny (Phoebe style).

Yeah, it’s basically Friends, without a whining Ross and an ignorant Joey, but with an African-American and a Gay.

To be honest, the coolest part of the show is the gay character Max. This is really the funniest gay character I’ve ever seen on tv. He’s SO not acting gay, which is great! The lines he uses are really witty and he can be all sarcastic about being gay as well. ‘coming out is so gay’. is one of his lines. Together with Penny he makes a great comical duo.

And everyone can associate with Dave.

But what the Brad/Jane story line is boring.

Just check it out. it’s cheap on iTunes.


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