The Big C – Season 2 – ***

Posted: January 12, 2012 in 2011, Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, TV series, USA, XXX

The best thing about this show is the perfect balance between comedy and drama. I watched the whole series in one big view and laughed quite a lot, but also got touched as many times by the constant presence of death lurking around the corner. This is a really brave show. It makes thinking and talking about dying quite acceptable. It’s an incredible feat to make a series about a woman who is dying not melodramatic, but they pull it off.

Season 2’s are quite often equally good or even better than the first season because of the character development. Also in this show. Suddenly characters that you didn’t like that much in the first season become interesting. And the characters that you loved in the first season become even more interesting. So you’re more open to the introduction of new characters as well.

Not all was good though. There were several plot lines that didn’t really develop the way they were intended to. Even though they had a purpose, they most of the time left me thinking they were superfluous. Like the relationship Adam has with an older woman whose dad has cancer. Some story lines were very predictable as well, like Andrea getting a Ukrainian boyfriend. And several scenes were a bit too much. But in general this was very entertaining fare and very well acted. Plus there’s a scene in a gay bear bar! And Bruges gets mentioned as a romantic place to fantasize about!

Yeah. Great series and a killer finale! Really want to see season 3 now.

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