La Guerre Est Déclarée – *1/2

Posted: January 19, 2012 in 2011, Drama, France, X1/2

Watched this movie on the plane on a small screen with a very bad sound system. Not the best circumstances, but as a flight movie that was ok. It didn’t do it for me though. I tried to figure out what the makers wanted to achieve with the movie. Was I supposed to watch it as an homage to the French movies for the seventies with their awkward editing and even more confusing musical score? no idea. The editing was interesting, but the music really started to bother me after a while.

There’s actually not much of a story really. A young couple hears that their son has a serious tumour and they deal with the problem in a very artsy fartsy way like only French wannabe artists who moved to Paris do. And that’s it. It didn’t leave me totally unmoved, but I was not impressed.

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