Nos Jours Heureux – *1/2

Posted: February 23, 2012 in 2006, Comedy, France, X1/2

The makers of last years (and continuing this year)’s French block buster surprise Les Intouchables made a movie once about children and their mentors during a three-week summer camp. I saw the dvd for 7 euro in Paris the other day and bought it, to now try to resell it for 5. Anyone?

It’s a comedy and I laughed, so I guess it’s not a complete waste of money. But it’s just a silly comedy really with extreme clichés and no surprises whatsoever. Actually, it could have been made in the US , apart from the fact that there’s too much sex and too much swearing in this children’s movie. I’m actually not sure that children will like it. I think young adults may appreciate it more, thinking about their days during summer camp either as a child or as a mentor.

Some of the characters are really too silly for word. Do not try to see them as real characters, cause even if they are based on people the authors knew, there’s no way that people overact so outrageously in real life. The nice thing is that the kids aren’t the annoying people in the movie. The mentors are the fuck-ups!  The makers put in a smart ass Belgian kid in it, yet introduce him being from Antwerp (which is a Flemish town!!!!). If I ever get to meet the directors I’ll ask them why. There’s maybe like 100 children in Antwerp speaking that well French.  But assuming he did come from a stuck up French-speaking family living in Antwerp, he was my absolute favorite character!!

In case anyone wants to watch this movie (without subtitles), let me know.



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